The Secret Story of the Maker

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A story about Yamamura Shuzo
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The brewing water used for their sake is subterranean water from the southern outer rim of the mountain, and is drawn from deep underground by a pump on the premises. The temperature of the water does not change throughout the year. This soft water, with low metallic ion content, is essential for making 'Reizan' with its luscious flavor. The deep water, the altitude of 555 meters, and the temperature that drops to minus 10 degrees Celsius during the winter, combine for the perfect sake brewing environment in the mild climate of Kumamoto!

"The fact that our ancestors built the brewery on this land is probably the greatest asset to our brewery," says Executive Director Yamamura. "'Reizan' made entirely in Aso, surrounded by our magnificent nature, will bring you the blessings of the Aso land even from a far away."