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Reizan collaborating with Fist of the North Star

Junmai Ginjo Reizan! 

This is a collaboration product with the anime 'Fist of the North Star,' which boasts of its deep-rooted popularity. "I am from the same generation as the manga series" says Yataro Yamamura, executive director of Yamamura Shuzo. "To my great pleasure, President Horie of Coamix suggested that our Reizan should feature Rei, a character from the anime who practices Nanto Mizutoriken." After the release of Reizan, it caught the eye of 'Fist of the North Star,' who had inquiries called in from all over the country. "Rei actually connected Reizan with new customers," said Executive Director Yamamura. "It's classy, not flashy, but generally has a nice sharpness, which goes well with meals."

Reizan collaborating with Fist of the North Star

Junmaishu Reizan!

"It is the driest sake in our brewery," says Executive Director Yamamura, "Its sharpness makes it popular as a mealtime sake. In fact, it resets the palate if you have a sip before moving on to the next food item." It is the perfect pairing sake with Kumamoto's local cuisine such as Basashi (raw horse meat) and other country dishes. "I actually think this particular sake goes better with soy sauce and broth than it even does with food," says Executive Director Yamamura. Like Rei using the Nanto Mizutoriken. It is sure to cut the aftertaste of a meal in a spectacular way.