Freshly Made!
The Allure of New Sake

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Freshly Made! The Allure of New Sake

Sake brewing at Yamamura Shuzo starts mid-October by washing all the tools in the brewery and coating them with a persimmon tannin to protect them from insects. This preparation process is called 'Aki Arai', meaning Autumn Washing. However when the persimmon tannin is applied to the tools, it makes the entire brewery stink, "for it has just an awful smell when applied and not dried yet. Though when I smell it, I know another year of sake brewing is about to begin," says Executive Director Yamamura with a grin.

Yamamura's commitment to sake brewing is "to ensure that we are making the right products in an honest and sincere manner." One of Yamamura Shuzo’s missions is to preserve the unchanging quality of its sake. They will continue to make the sharp and crisp 'Reizan' that you have come to expect from them - and hope you share your enjoyment with friends!